February Coup

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The February Coup was an invasion of the feeder region of Lazarus by United Luckians (Haelhan) and Mariadon (Northern Sushi). The "coup" was not supported by the Liberalian government at any point, despite claims by Northern Sushi that it was.

[edit] History

Lazarus was suffering for extreme inactivity at the time of the coup, when Haelhan took advantage of the situation to launch an invasion. With the help of raider groups, and a number of Liberalian nations, he was able to take the delegacy and proclaim an end to the previous regime. Lazarusian natives, led by Harmoneia, launched a counter-attack with the assistance of defender groups, and proclaimed a new government, with Harmoneia as "queen." As nations cannot be ejected from Lazarus, United Luckians was able to remain in the region, proclaiming himself as the true leader of the region.

[edit] Consequences

As a result of the coup, United Luckians was driven from power and remained on the Lazarus forum opposed to the new government of the region. He was engaged in bitter arguments with the NS world's media outlets, included a heated exchange with The Meritocracy's InterMet new agency. Mariadon, on the other hand, decided to co-operate with the new government and achieved a ministership from it. After he came under attack in Liberalia, he launched a slur against the region, claiming that it had officially endorsed the invasion of Lazarus, and that it had been planned by the government of Prime Minister Carops all along. Acceptance of this version of events was quite common, leading to a collapse in relations between Liberalia and Lazarus. Within a matter of months, Lazarus was openly insulting Liberalian diplomats, leading to the withdrawal of the Lazarus consulate in the Liberalia and a request being sent to Lazarus that the Liberalian Embassy there be closed.

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